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i like these for over a sling or mei tai http://monkeypockets.blogspot.com/se...nkey%20Pockets
I have these for my guy...he isn't walking yet but I used the same shoes for my other sons when they were walking. http://cgi.ebay.ca/carozoo-soft-sole...3%3A1|294%3A30 I think these are cute for girls http://cgi.ebay.ca/shoeszoo-soft-sol...3%3A1|294%3A30
We pretended we were pirates alot...I even got out all my halloween pirate stuff and we dressed up and ran around the house saying ARRRRRR it worked quite well.
ds3 is still swaddled when co sleeping....he is 7.5 months
my mil is making me some lightweight cotton ones, 48x48 from my 7 month old...I hope they work well.
I answered other becasue i wouldn't put my sons in dresses per se, but I also don't think it's wrong. As babies they wear baby gowns, and they have worn nighties for night time. They have also worn sarongs in the summer, as does their dad. If they want to I say go for it but it's their decision to make. Here is my oldest son in a sarong two summers...
very normal.....
Keir is doing well, he is just over 4 months now and is sitting unassisted as well...usually only for about 5 min or until he gets too excited and falls backward. He is over 18lbs now and aprox 27 inches and smiles about 1000 times a day. Unfortunatly he is the crappiest sleeper on the planet...it's a good think I can sleep while he nurses or I would be up all night.
why do people use the term BLW when they are refering to offering self feeding solids rather then purees??
I wish I had some advice for you.....sounds like it could be motion sickness...have you tried putting him on your back so he is not so heavy when carrying him?
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