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Would you vaccinate a baby with numerous food allergies? Our daughter gets really sick after she eats a food that she can not tolerate. There's a lot of vomiting and lots of green/mucousy diapers. Her ped told me to wait to vaccinate her until she out grows her food allergies. She's 14 months and is showing no signs of getting better. We are comfortable with not vaccinating, I just wanted to get your opinion. Thanks! Hopefully this will be my last post
Dr Sears, did you spread out your children's vaccinations? What worked better for you?
Is that because it has casein in it!
I guess what I meant to say if/when she grows out of her allergies.
Thank you guys for taking the time to help me out :) I will not be giving her any vaccines until her allergies are cured.
Hi Dr Sears! Are food allergies caused from having a leaky gut? My baby has 6 known food allergies, two of which are casein and yeast. The DTaP has a casein derivative in it and Hep B contains yeast protein. I want to avoid these but should I avoid them all if she has a leaky gut? I'm a little confused :) Any help you could give would be great! Thanks!
That is very interesting, she got the prevnar shot at 3 months old and it was 2 days after that that I took her to her ped to get Zantac cuz she started having reflux then after that is when I noticed her allergic reactions and had to put her on formula. I wonder if that shot had something to do with it... I do think however that she had a gut problem before that because she and I had a bout of thrush when she was an infant. 
Right so if I'm reading the research correctly, it seems evidence shows that toxins within the vaccines injected into the bloodstream will eventually find themselves in the organs inside the body, one being the gut since the gut is 80% of the immune system this would make sense.  So if the toxins can eventually lead to the gut and if having allergies means she has a gut thats leaky cant these toxins be released back into her system...?  And if her liver can not regulate...
Thank you. I'm trying to understand it all. So if her gut is permeable then that means she could be more susceptible to toxins? I'm wondering if I should hold off on getting her vaccines...
My DD has several food allergies.  Are food allergies caused by having a leaky gut?
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