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Parent education is very important to Waldorf education. Waldorf teachers encourage parents to learn as much as they can about Waldorf, Rudolf Steiner, and Anthroposophy. Familiarizing yourself with Steiner's writings will help you better understand your child’s education as well as “bring home” aspects of the approach that you like. Here is an overview of the proposed Early Childhood study group. GOAL: To embark on an 11 stop journey during which we hope to come to a...
The program would be for 1 year old-4 years olds. Still working on the red tape... Hopefully, we can begin by the early spring.
the family set up a little corner of the living room for my little one's toys. we have introduced playtime here with either parent before storytime in bed. also working on a weekly menu. in the morning, breakfast rotates from eggs, hot cereal, grilled cheese sandwiches, cereal and milk to berry/greek yogurt smoothies to end the week. friday mornings get hot cocoa. so far, we all agree on some type of chicken, veg soup and egg bread for Friday dinner.
maybe we could do some morning and some after lunch meetings? what times in the afternoon would work for you? we are still working out the logistics, so there is flexibilty.
Great! Spread the word... I would like to get everything together, even informally, so we can start before the Spring. My initial thougths are: What time would work for folks? am or pm? We will start off for 2 hours-ish Daily Rhythm Story•Arrival •Inside creative-free play artistic activity •Tidy up time •Snack •Story/circle time •Outside Playtime so exciting!
Have the chance to run a Waldorf parent and child class on Sundays, at local synagogue, located in Morris County. Anyone interested?
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