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I got some of those busha leggings for my toddler last year and he uses them for pajama pants. They have held up well and so I think the quality is ok considering the price - I got them for like $1.80 a pair thru a coop I'm part of. They are super cute too. As far as shopping goes I got some muslin swaddles and 3 blankets. A wool cover and some fitteds. I have cloth diapers and baby carriers leftover from my son. Also went to goodwill and got some 0-3 month baby clothes....
30 weeks pregnant here with my second
This is a great topic. I gained 65 lbs with my first son (and lost it all within the first 9 months post partum). I was hoping to gain less with this pregnancy but I'm 30 weeks and already gained 37 lbs. when non pregnant I'm usually 130lbs and 5'7" so very normal weight. With my first pregnancy I was super active and eating super healthy - all organic mostly vegetarian whole foods. Now that I have a toddler I'm a little less active and eat a little less healthy (less...
Wow thanks for that. I appreciate you sharing that , it helps put things in perspective for me and also encourages me. I will keep you ladies updated I'm hoping to find the right person to be at the birth wherever we end up being. Thanks!
Well a bit of a saga here. I'm 29 weeks pregnant now with my second (my little guy is 2). We just moved from Arizona to North Carolina 3 weeks ago for my husbands job. Now we just got word that we will probably have to move back home to Arizona within the next month. The midwife I was seeing there will be on vacation the entire month of May (I'm due May 28) and I just saw the midwife here in NC and transferred care to her last week. So if we go back to AZ I probably have...
I sent some extras with mine since they are multi colored glass. That way you have some options with color combos. Also in case there weren't enough. You can send them back if not needed. Thanks
OK ladies my beads are in the mail USPS says they should get there Monday at the latest. sorry to be so late with this - its been crazy around here. So appreciative of all you who are participating and building community thru this exchange. 
Hi ladies! I signed up for the birth bead swap and I am still excited to do it. I just finished up a month long cross country move to a new house and it's been crazy but I'm finally settled. I have the beads and will get them in the mail on Monday.
I would like to participate!
We are having a girl! So excited because our two year old is a boy so now we will have one of each. I would have been happy either way but knowing she is a girl helps to bond - it's nice to say she instead of baby and also start to imagine what it will be like when she is out of the womb.
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