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I'm using Lonnie, and she is great so far, but I don't blame you for not wanting to drive to Montclair from Budd Lake.   Best of luck.
I used hypnobirthing with my son, I haven't done any of the others, so I can't compare them for you.  I was in labor for over 24 hours before I even went to the hospital, and when I got there, the L&D nurses were shocked that I was at 7 cm because I was so calm and collected.  I thought the book was great and really helpful.
Aren't there expiration dates on carseats?  I think the plastic can get brittle after time and more likely to break on impact.   Check the back of yours, it may have a "manufactured on" date, and then you should be able to look up if it's still good.
Last time, I didn't need maternity pants until I was 6 months!  Now I can't button my work pants at 8w.  I suspect it's due to the 15 lbs I gained before I got PG, but I was really not thinking I would need to pull out the maternity stuff yet!
We tried to wait, but an ultrasound tech at a visit for high blood pressure at 8 1/2 months spoiled it for us.   So for anyone who is team green - if you need to have scans, be sure to tell EVERY tech EVERY time that you do not want to know!!
I always, always, always wanted to name my daughter (if I had one) Ruby.  My husband is dead set against it because he said it is a stripper's name.  Last pregnancy we had decided on Avery if it was a girl, but since then I've heard of a bunch of people using that name.   One of my very good friends named her 4-year-old Esme, I love that name.  My dad's nickname for me was Fern, so I'm partial to that, as well.  Ayla (probably pronounced the same as your Isla,...
Seriously, these next 4 to 5 weeks are going to be the death of me with all this worrying!
Everything is OK.  They don't really know what happened, but the bean is still in there, heartbeat at 154 bpm and measuring right on at 7w4d.   The doctor basically said that unless the bleeding is heavy and doesn't stop, not to worry about it.   Thanks for the kind words & thoughts.
Thanks.  I'm going in at 12:30 to get checked out.  I really really really hope we are OK.
Last night around 10p, I was drying my hair after my shower and had a small amount of bright red blood pour out of me.  I laid down right away and then it seemed to stop, with just a tiny bit of leftover spotting, so I didn't call the doctor.   I've been spotting ever since and just got a little crampy.  I called my doctor an hour ago & am waiting for them to call me back, but I'm so worried.   Please send some sticky vibes to my bean . . . we've been trying for...
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