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I don't have an "Emergency Fund" set up. I just have a regular run of the mill bank account that has money in it to pay whatever bills come my way. 
Me personally, I would have to go with choice number one. I totally understand your daughter's need for privacy. Your son can learn to live without some materials things for a while until he brings in his own money. Living with less is worth it to me in order to have my personal space.
  Did you get your husband to move out?
  Just curious to know if he is close to your age.
  What age is your husband?
  I'm sorry to hear that this is happening to you again. It seems from reading your posts from the past few years that you moved too fast into this relationship after your previous relationship and you didn't listen to the advice of your family. What does your family advise you to do now in your current situation?
  Don't respond to me again and I won't respond to you.    
I could say the same to you. You know nothing of my mother so leave her out of this. Doesn't sound like you mother did so great with you. It's possible you don't even have a mother.  
I believe that a lot of people's depression is caused by outside stressful events that become internalized that then affect the body. Common causes such as a death in the family, a divorce, a loss of a job, financial difficulties and just life in general.  
  A good reason not to have more kids than one person can handle.    
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