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Mine was born at home on Sunday August 6th.  10 lbs 4 oz at 41.5 weeks.  It's a boy!!!  We named him Grayson Christopher Nelson.  
Yes, it would.  Definitely.  
Scowgirl - I have similar shaped/size breasts.  It has always been a challenge to breastfeed.  I got the breast pillow that the poster above suggested - the one that fits under the breast for a better position.  I tried it out and I think it's going to work really well.  I actually got a size larger.  Even though the measurement said I needed medium, because my breasts are more longish - I got a large.  It seems to fit well.  It's the utterly yours breast pillow.
Nah.    Wish you could wish your baby earthside, but doesn't quite work that way.
No, not anymore.  We think it turned about 2 weeks ago - so that's at least a good thing.  I am hoping it didn't turn back though.  I have been feeling low kicks for the last week, but been trying to ignore it.  Everyone tells me that it's impossible for baby to turn again - cause of the size.   
Still here, but it's no surprise.  I will probably be here for another 2 or 3 weeks.   Ho hum.   I just want to know why I can't incubate like a normal woman?  Why does the end of my pregnancies always have to be so stressful?  
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh :(.  I'm so so sorry.  I'm sure that baby will come out very very soon if it hasn't already.   I tried castor oil once before, and I will never ever try it again.  
Congratulations!  What an awesome birth story!
Not one homebirth of a Frank or Complete breech baby here?  Where you knew the baby was breech?   I can't be alone here.
Me...me...me - with an upside down baby who doesn't want to move..  Due, I don't know.  The 26th or 30th.
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