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That is fabulous! I would love to move to something much smaller then we have now. I do understand the need to have something finished. My husband is great at deconstruction and starting but finishing....
I put pumpkin in chili, chilaquila, and lasagne. We eat very little cheese and adds that type of texture in some casseroles that "need" it.
LOTS of prayers for strength and healing.
You do not have to leave out oats if you get the certified gluten free ones. glutenfreepantry.com (? off the top of my head) carries them. You are going to have to change many of your baking recipes. Basically, anything that calls for flour. http://glutenfreegirl.blogspot.com/ http://glutenfreegoddess.blogspot.com/ Both these ladies have wonderful blogs that address many of your questions. Shauna of glutenfreegirl just published a cookbook. Karina of...
Check out Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. They have gluten-free cupcakes, which means no wheat, in vanilla and chocolate. I also make them soy free.
Go buy a locking wrench, or screwdriver, or hammer, or some other tool you know you are always looking for. It was one of the most appreciated gifts I ever gave for the least amount of money.
firefaery, that is my recipe Bake potatoes. Cool until can handle. Clean out innards into bowl. Add a bit of salt. Mash about. Add egg (s) (depending on how many potatoes). Mash about some more. Mix in enough sorghum flour to make a stiff dough. Shape gnocchi. Boil for three minutes or until done. Serve with tomato vodka sauce. I get teased about cooking like grandmothers.... I do not see why you could not make this eggless, except your gnocchi may...
I have been highly successful making gf gnocchi with sorghum flour. I used baked russet potatoes, a bit of salt, eggs, and then enough sorghum flour to make a stiff dough. My husband liked them better then any gnocchi we have ever eaten made with wheat or gluten free.
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