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My niece had second degree burns on her face at age five. I was given an ointment called amerigel by the dr. And told to change the bandages at least twice a day. After a few weeks her skin looked beautiful - it was a different color than the rest of her skin though. After that we have always been extra careful about always applying sunblock. The skin color evened out and you cannot tell she was ever burned.
My dd is 20 months old and she gets into everything. We bungie the legs of the kitchen chairs together under the table to prevent her from pushing them around to climb onto things. We have removed the handles from drawers as she will use them to rock climb. Also we have a strap around the fridge that we can use to keep her out when needed . She really keeps me hopping.
My daughter is 20 months old and we have ec since she was 10 weeks old. She has been doing all of her poops in the potty since about 13 months but she does not always pee in the potty. I'd say half of the time or more she will just pee in her pants or on the floor if she is bottomless. Does anybody have any advice or similar experience?
I think I started around 7 months. But I think it is a good idea to start earlier. The most useful signs for us are more, eat, drink, milk, done, cheese, outside. DD likes to sign chocolate and ice cream
My family is full of Christmas birthdays! My sister is dec 24 and I am dec 27. I love my birthday - I have never had a party but I don't want one. I always had off of school and always celebrated my own way. As an adult my birthday = after Christmas shopping with my favorite people:) My sister with the Dec 24 birthday always had a party - open house and got lots of presents. She loves the attention - I don't so it worked out perfectly. I think it all depends on your...
Before the baby arrives become an informed parent. Research vaccines, circumcision, breastfeeding, diaper options, etc. When the baby arrives you can feel more confident and follow your educated instincts and enjoy your baby. Also, your life will never go back to what it was before the baby (this is a good thing as you are now a mom and the absolute center of your baby's universe). Relax and embrace your new role and new set of priorities. Those first weeks are tough...
I live in Philly and teach in the suburbs. I guess it really depends on what type of community you are interested in. I like lower Moreland and new hope soleberry (both are very small and wealthier communities and the schools are great). When my children are school age we will move to the suburbs to be in a good school district because the Philly school district is terrible IMO.
I tried the recipes that JollyGG linked to and I love them. So tasty yet healthy. - no flour, no sugar, no butter. Thanks for that!!!
Unfortunately there is no one perfect answer for most things with babies. It sounds like more than anything you need a good nights sleep. If were you I wouldn't worry about wether she "should" be nursed back to sleep everytime or not. Just do what you and your baby need to get through this. I cosleep with my daughter. She wakes a few times a night (to be honest i don't even know how many times she wakes because she just rolls over, finds the boob and nurses back to...
I was very cautious at first when introducing solids to dd. I did pureed foods spaced four days apart in recommended order. I didn't think I would be comfortable with blw. But dd was so wanting to eat what I was eating and she handled food very well. Blw just kind of happened for us and it felt so natural. Go with your instincts and do what is best for your baby. I would not reccomend the baby blender- use your food processor for those pureed meals (they won't last long)
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