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I kept wanting to experiment with folds and stuff, and DH said pretty much the same thing to me.  I was like....yeah, you're right.  The poop wasn't escaping the cover, so it's not like it was much to deal with.  It was doing its job.  Just time to throw that cover in the pail and grab a new one!
Depending on your wash routine, you may also not be using enough detergent.  Remember, you are washing waste from diapers, so it does require a bit of cleaning power.  Sometimes little ones also get rashes if the diapers aren't getting clean enough.  Or, like a previous poster mentioned, it could be yeast. 
I have a few fitted diapers that are pretty much useless too.  We got them second-hand (I wouldn't be surprised if they were third- or fourth-hand) from somebody who gave us a big garbage bag of baby clothes when I was pregnant, and they just don't work very well anymore.  Besides just being generally dingy and kinda gross (not even the sun would take out these weird stains in them during the sunniest summer days), they don't absorb well.  They're pretty much at the...
I'm a big fan of Bummis.  We trifold prefolds and lay them in the cover.  Easy peasy. 
haha!  I love finding things randomly!
When I was pregnant and had to watch my sugars (not diabetic, but borderline), it was so frustrating because low-sugar snacks are full of artificial sweeteners and I especially didn't want to eat those while pregnant, but I couldn't eat much sugar at all.  And I normally don't have much of a sweet tooth, but I did while pregnant, and I was even barred from having fruit.  SO FRUSTRATING! lol.
Yeah, when DD gets to the point where we won't mind exposing her to media, I think it will be through Netflix or DVDs, not cable television with commercials.  DH and I do both like good, well-made television, and since we're both in creative industries, it seems a little hypocritical not to ever let her watch TV or movies, you know?  I think we will have the 'only good stuff' caveat as well.    (Though I am definitely with you on having guilty pleasure TV...)
No advice, but I wanted to say that I totally commiserate with you on so many things!  DD used to sleep 5 hours straight too, then stopped.  Thought it was the teething, and she did get BETTER after her second tooth popped through, but is not back to that lovely 5-hr sleep routine again.  I also live in an isolated area and the breastfeeding group around here doesn't meet anymore either.  DD is a frequent feeder too, so I've also had people tell me that DD is using me as...
I'm a big fan of well.ca - free shipping with every order in Canada!  I found it there.  http://well.ca/brand/mitchum.html   (I really dislike most scented deodorant products as well.  When I was pregnant, it was probably my most hated smell.  I would have gone deodorant-less, but of course, being pregnant, all my body smells were stronger than normal, so I had to find unscented products.)
microwaves - I don't necessarily avoid it, but my use of it is pretty minimal.  Ours is unplugged most of them as well, because it vibrates/buzzes ever-so-slightly when it's plugged in, and not only is that annoying, it creeps me out.   fluoride - Use it in my toothpaste, don't know if it's in my water supply!  Hmm.    teflon - One time I got a metal shard in my mouth after cooking with a roommate's pan in university.  That turned me off teflon.  I think we may...
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