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We have a different Baby Faces book. It's by Margaret Miller. DS still loves it at 20 months. I also got a small board book box set by Parragon books. It has ten books each dealing with a different emotion. Example from the proud book: "I feel proud when I do something difficult." I really like these books.
I gave birth at Shady Grove with Midwifery Care Associates.  So I can speak to my experience there.   For a hospital birth, I feel that Shady Grove was really good.  The nurses and staff that I dealt with were super supportive of our "natural" requests.  Everything is done in-room with the baby and no one questioned our request for no eye goop, vitamin K, and hep B shot.  As far as hospitals go I found Shady Grove to be pretty progressive.  I was frustrated after birth...
I use prefolds and wool all the time.  We started with wool when DS was around 9 months so he was starting to transition to more solid poops.  I do remember thinking at the time that I might think twice before using wool full time with EBF poop.  But it's really not that bad.  How often is the poop getting on the covers you have now?  It would be about the same with wool.  You would just want to keep a wool wash bar handy to remove the poop with right away.  You might want...
I did strip the woolies and switch back to the Lansinoh and haven't had any more problems.  We don't use any lotions and only occasionally use coconut oil.  So far this seems to be working, but it's clear we're dealing with sensitive skin here!
I can remember having naptime in kindergarten and there were definitely kids who slept everyday. I think a three year old napping is perfectly normal and a blessing for you!
We had a rough sleeping time between 15 and 18 months. More often than not DS would skip the afternoon nap. I tried unsuccessfully to switch to one longer midday nap. Now DS is 19 months and consistently taking a morning nap and an afternoon nap. We were able to reset his system after a trip to CA and back. We made the transition to independent sleeping at the same time.
I came to this forum exactly to see if anyone else felt as I do. I am not planning to have another baby, but most days I long to try again for a different birth experience. DS is 18 months and while I'm not nearly as disappointed as I was I still spend a lot of time wanting another opportunity to have a home birth. Thanks for sharing your feelings Yogini. I am right there with you.
I don't use cloth wipes, but for the diapers I always rinse poopy diapers and overnight diapers. Then they sit in an open pail until wash day. An open pail will have less smell than closed. I put some Bac out in the pail. Bac out is lime enzyme and great for natural cleaning in general. Hth!
I love GMD prefolds. I have some osocozy too that are good. I agree with PP that with a larger babe I would skip the newborn size prefolds. In fact for the newborn stage I found flats to be the easiest because they can be folded easily without a lot of bulk and you're changing so often you don't need a lot of absorbency. As PP said, hook and loop is great until the babes get mobile. Then I much prefer snaps. Plus, my crafty one figured out how to take off hook and loop...
I don't have any advice but just wanted to send you hugs. It sounds like you're in a really tough situation.
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