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Here's hoping for more labor action for all of us in the limbo stage and sending prayers your way Onemore.   Went to my 40 week MW appointment this morning.  My BP was high as it has been since 36 weeks.  So since my EDD is tomorrow they're anxious to get this party started.  No protein in the urine or other pre-e signs, but did a CBC and BPP this afternoon just to check things out.  And no more work for me. :(  No signs of labor - hopefully something will happen...
Good luck Luna!   I had two tiny contractions this morning - hardly worth noting, though DH was totally ready to start helping me with relaxation.  It was actually pretty funny.   Now everyday at the studio when parents come in to drop off their kids they say, "Are you still here?"  Yup, I'm still here.  *Sigh*  I might as well be at work since I would go crazy being at home with not much to do, but DH suggests maybe the constant questioning about when I'm going...
Congratulations new mamas!  Loving all these birth announcements!
Thanks for the reassurance LHM.   Limbo is right... that's what makes it so difficult!
I'm up with the birds again this morning.  I'm actually a morning person even though my work schedule is not compatible with that.  I love being up by myself in the morning, getting things done, but I'll pay for it by this evening.   Anyway, still cookin' here.  I had a pretty rough weekend.  DH ended up working a lot more than expected.  We planned three nights in a row to both be home at a reasonable time and have dinner together and it didn't happen.  By Sunday...
Wow Casmer!  That happened so fast!  Congratulations!
For those of us who still have inside babies!  Here are a few end of the road pics from me.   Last week at a wedding (38 weeks for me, 33 weeks for my friend)     And today at 39 + 1  
Cristeen - I'm glad you got your tooth issue resolved.  Hopefully you're recovery will be short.  Get lots of rest!   Bubble - seriously??  If she wants the sneakers washed so badly she can do it herself.   Cookie - you and me both!!!  Come out babies!  I'm 39 weeks today so no room to complain, but seriously, let's get this show on the road.  DH tells me that instead of telling baby to come out I need to focus on opening up and letting go.  Sometimes he amazes...
What a cutie! Congratulations!
So excited for the newest group of mommies!  And it's so good to hear that people were having potential scary situations and then things worked out in the end!
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