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I went on a four day trip in August. DS was 15 months. I was BFing several times a day but struggling with supply. DH was terrified that he would be up all night soothing a screaming baby. Results: I had a rejuvenating trip, DH said it wasn't nearly as bad as he feared and even agreed we could do it again sometime. Now regarding BFing, by the third day I was only able to pump a half ounce of milk. From then until now I only nurse once a day, when DS wakes in the early...
I hope it gets better quickly! Poor little guy. It sounds like you're doing everything you can. The doc will probably give you prescription cream which should clear it up fairly quickly.
My DS is almost 18 months. Has hasn't taken an afternoon nap consistently since around 15 months. He currently takes a morning nap about three hours after he wakes. He'll sleep 1-2 hours. The afternoon is long but he refuses to sleep again most days. Bed time has gotten pretty early. Sometimes he's asleep as early as 6:30pm. It's not the schedule I would choose but that's how it goes.
I agree you should try the prefolds. If your DD's poop is pretty solid and you're getting 85% in the potty I'd say your wool had a good chance of not getting soiled any more than with fitteds. I suggest checking out the marketplace forum on diaperswappers.com. If you read through some posts there that will give you an idea of how others list and price their diapers.
I love the littlest angel, but the original full version, not the newer one with the cartoony pictures.
My DH always thought he had a sensitivity to tomatoes until we discovered it was actually gluten that he can't tolerate.
The only thing that truly worked for us when DS had severe rash was diaper free time. Our preferred CD safe cream is Lusa booty balm. We also frequently use coconut oil. It sounds like you're describing a possible allergic reaction to something your DS (or you) is eating. Diaper rash is so frustrating. Good luck!
Wool is awesome!  We do primarily wool since DS had the reaction with PUL.  I love it!  Hopefully it will work for you.
My DS definitely has a reaction to PUL, but we discovered that only after he was in a PUL cover all night.  Now he's fine in PUL for a couple hours at a time.   It is definitely possible that your DD is allergic to the Charlie's.  You could try stripping the diapers again and using a different detergent.  Is your water hot enough to do a proper stripping?  I've read that some people turn their water heater up when washing dipes.  Maybe she is allergic to hemp/bamboo? ...
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