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We had such a tough time BFing at the beginning. You are definitely not alone. Like many others it got much better around two months and I actually started looking forward to feedings. The best advice I got was to take it one day at a time. See if you can make it through today and deal with tomorrow, tomorrow.
Is it possible she's allergic to something? Sometimes reflux is part of an allergic reaction. If she is allergic to something she's eating that could contribute to lack of absorption of nutrients. You could put coconut or olive oil on as much of her food as possible to help with getting good fats. Food and eating issues can be so challenging. Good luck!
Rrmum please update after you get the clock. I'd love to hear how it works for you!
Pj - That's a great website!  Thanks for posting the link!
I agree with asking the coaches what they think.  They should have suggestions and feedback to provide.  I own a dance studio and we see this happen fairly regularly.  Kids stop participating for many reasons.  Does your DD not want to go at all, or does she just not participate once she's there?  At 3.5 she may be able to articulate to you why she is not participating and what she wants to do.  I almost always encourage students and parents to stick it out for all the...
DS has developed a pretty itchy and severe rash over the past couple of weeks.  It is primarily on his legs, but also on his arms and a little on his torso as well.  I've been wracking my brain to try and figure out what we've done differently that may have caused this.   Recently I ran out of Lanisoh in the middle of lanolizing one day and picked up some store brand lanolin to finish doing his longies.  We have been using wool for almost a year and have never had a...
I only have one DS so I don't have any comparisons to offer, but I thought I'd tell you my experiences so far.   For the newborn stage I preferred flats with PUL covers.  At that point you're changing diapers so often you don't really need something super absorbent and flats can be folded many ways and are quick and easy to wash and dry.  Covers with gussets help contain leaks.  Up until DS got savvy enough to start trying to take off his own cover I preferred hook and...
Hard boiled eggs
These are so cute! DS doesn't have a lot of words yet but my favorite is "uck" for yucky. My nephew used to say I-ga-dea for good idea. That was adorable and we still say it that way sometimes 11 years later.
DS is only 16 months so I don't have experience with the constant chatter yet but would it help to put on some music? Maybe you could both sing during the morning tasks and get through them in a more peaceful way. Or dance while you're getting ready for the day. It's challenging to dance and chatter away. Just a thought.
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