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LightForest no worries about highjacking the thread. I find it interesting and helpful. I got a scenera to try since it's definitely the lightest and inexpensive. If we don't like it for everyday use we'll leave it at the grandparent's and get something else.
Sunning should get most of the stains out. Run the dipes through the wash then hang them in a nice sunny place. Like pp said, you may want to pop them in the dryer for a bit to soften them. Some people do bleach their dipes so you may want to look into that.
Thanks for the feedback.  I have been looking in to both the Scenera and the Cocorro.  I'm going to see if I can find some place nearby to take a look at them.   Thanks LightForest for the thoughts on RF and FF on the plane.  These are things I haven't really thought of before!
The options are overwhelming! We need a back up seat to leave with my inlaws who watch ds three afternoons a week. Maybe we'll get the scenera for the plane and back up and then get something more for every day use.
1 year old (yesterday) DS is about to outgrow the snugride 22. I am looking for a convertible to replace it. I drive a 2008 rav4. DS is on the smaller side - 20 pounds, not sure of his height and he's sleeping on me right now. Also, we will be traveling by plane fairly often so I would like to get something that is not too cumbersome. Of course I'd like to get a good deal but am willing to pay for what works. Any suggestions? Oh, no other kids and not really planning on more.
Not super unusual but I had students who were sisters named Georgia and Carolina which I thought was cute.
Astraia - I'm definitely interested to hear how the night weaning is going.  What happened when you refused to nurse?  I am really looking forward to the possibility of more sleep at night but Elliott is pretty much unconsolable when he wakes at night until you stick a boob in his face.   And speaking of weaning... I'm wondering what is best to do.  Elliott seems to be drinking less milk.  Well, he isn't as interested in pumped milk from a bottle.  If I offer him the...
What we all need is a vacation! One where we can sleep uninterrupted and sit by the pool and read or knit or do nothing at all.
Oh and even if you are planning to check your car seat and not take it on board bring it with you to the gate and check it there. It's less likely to get damaged that way.
You can bring any size empty container. You can bring breast milk in quantities over 3 ounces. Any other liquid has to be 3 oz or less. We usually bring empty water bottles and cups then fill them up once we are through security. Also flight attendants will probably be more than happy to give you drinks once on board.
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