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A 21-month-old, here.  We browse both sections, leaning more toward the boys.  I tend to steer clear of pink because it is so hopelessly overdone for girls.  Besides, she tends to pick bright primary colors (reds). Her Disney-loving uncle got her shirts for Christmas and had to avoid the girl section entirely at the Disneyland souvenir shops because there was nothing BUT pink.   Sometimes it feels like, starting from infants, children are relegated to candy frou-frou...
I don't call my folks by their first names. Mom and Dad have been pretty much it. They do the same for their parents. My LO will probably refer to us as mom/my and dad/dy or some variant once she gets old enough to speak.   I'm not crazy about "Mrs." for me. I prefer my first name--or Ms. if a title is really needed. I'm not keen on the emphasis of marital status for women ("Miss"/"Mrs." while men get a universal "Mr."). I got married in my thirties and "Miss" never...
Howdy, MLog, good to see a familiar... avatar!   He's such a cutie! Love the pants.   And, yes, another stubborn May baby over here. Dunno where she gets it. 
Hi Mamas,  K is 15 months (almost 16). We've been having an amazing summer this year (no rain--and for BC, that's saying something) and I have been so grateful because we still live in a 1BR apartment (don't get me started about Vancouver rental prices!). We have our pre-nap outing and post-nap outing--she's fiercely active (nature or nurture? I'm not sure).  She's very much a water dragon: we swim about four times a week.   What an adventure it has been! The...
    Long layover.  Not particularly touching, but this is one of the more utilitarian reasons I adore baby wearing. 
  K at two months, nurse then nap while the rest of us are hiking.
Before...   After!  
8 months along.
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