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That is awesome news ) thank you so much for the update!!
Congratulations!! With my first I tore, too, and it really scared me because it *looked* so bad. A couple days after I uc'd I had a midwife come check up on us and she was like, oh you're fine its just a skid mark requiring only one stitch (for looks she said, but she didnt give me one). But rally it had looked SO bad!! I guess the common saying is if you put one torn labia (or something like this) on one side of the room and the other on the other side of the room...
You'll be fine, and so will your baby. It does not harm either of you. It's just a mess after all .
We used the beco potty from 9 months on and love it. I'm not sure how much it was...$30.00 maybe? The cool thing is it decomposes in the ground after being buried for like 5 years.
He is such a handsome little guy ) congratulations!!! You did great!! I am only 21 weeks with my second (second Uc hopefully) and post like this are making me so impatient!!! Congrats again
Yay!! Won't be much longer!!! If this is your first child, make sure you get plenty of rest...won't be able to sleep in for quite a while haha.
I wasn't drawn towards a lotus birth- it is a very spiritual choice when people do it and...well, it just meant nothing for *me*. I chose delayed cord clamping/cutting for the health benefits. We waited about 45 minutes before tying a rubber band around the cord (we couldnt find the shoe strings we bought for the occassion ) and just tied then snipped.
Woohoo!! So excited for you! That final break through is SUCH a relief!!! Now go read some inspiring birth stories and it'll get you pumped up even more How much longer until your edd?
I wouldn't let the weight gain worry you (unless there are actual other problems stemming from it). Have the u/s if you desire. If you can stay with your midwives then that will be an open option for you. If they are forced to turn their care over, then UC'ing seems like a reasonable choice, too. Either way follow your intuition about what will work best for you. The fact that your husband is so supportive seriously helps SOOOO much.
I found this really interesting because I also knew when my baby's lungs were mature. It was also a week before I gave birth and her hiccups increased A LOT!! I would feel them every single day, as opposed to every once in a while.
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