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My husband was totally supportive for me to UC, but he did get a little nervous right before my Edd. I showed him a youtube video of a woman giving birth unasissted and he was like....that's it? Oh we got this! So if he is a man with little time, a short video might help!!
Good job!! I love those pictures they are beautiful!! Congratulations Favorite part is how she had your dimples!! My Dd does too but my husband and I do not, so it was a beautiful surprise that I treasure.
I also put in my request to join the lounge with no response. I uc'ed a year go (boohoo they grow up so fast) so maybe I havent been here long enough to see all the changes. I see good answers and bad. I'm totally for trusting your body though
Congratulations!!! Awesome birth story and I love the pictures i also like the idea of strawberries after birth, I think i'll copy that when I give birth sometime in the future!!
Hoping everything turned out wonderful for you!!
Just bought some red rasberry leaf tea and hoping it works some i only find people saying it CAN work not that is has. So anyone have experience with rrlt bringing on a period or regulatig it??
My DD will be one month next year and I never used a pacifier. Some people begged me to during horrible screeching car rides, but I said no. (instead we bought a toy that lit up in the dark and she loved that). I would wear her around the house sometimes in the (woven) baby wrap, but other than that I got things done during naps. For the first two months i did not do much at all though. It's totally doable and the 'mommy is a pacifier' is an odd statement... Because why...
Thank you for your reply i actually cloth diaper but she still gets rashes (from sleeping in the diaper at night... Idk how someone children sleep in one diaper all night she has to be changed a couple of times and she still had a horrible rash). I am going diaperless because of the rash and also I am personally lazier with ecing if its on her. Anyway my issue wasn't so much with her holding her pee but as to her refusing to pee when asked. After i wrote this she peed...
So i practice EC w/DD only part time. Tbh probably not even part time, just like twice a week to catch poops. I have decided to go full time diaperless, especially due to diaper rashes. Anyway, the first day she peed without misses. Then the next three days she WILL NOT PEE in the toilet (or sink or bath tub) except for earrrrly in the morning. She only pees on the floor now (about once an hour). I feel like I am starting brand new since i didnt't really ec with her...
Yay congratulations!! So happy your UC went well also glad that there was some bfing in the story!!
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