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I did bleach did not work.
I have had no problems with my prefold CDs but recently saw some tiny black spots. Now that i realize it must be mildew I am freaking out. The other day i put them through two hot washes with a half cup of vinegar. Today i did another vinegar wash then ahot wash with 1/4 cup vinegar. The stains are still there! I won't know if i have really killed the mildew unless the stains are bleached. What should i do!!!
My step dad is extremely smart and has a PHd. He is from Pakistan, extremely articulate to the point where others often times do not understand all the words he is saying because they are too 'big'. He is respectful and over all a good person. Sometimes he had a good job (making YOUR computer chips) and other times he had to work for absolute rude individuals who would not call him by his name, and would even point at him with his foot while saying 'him'. Thats seriously...
Well, even if this is an old thread, i'll add my two cents. I believe children are a blessing. I do not think richness comes in money. You can have a lot of money, but not be rich in life. Children , family, and Love is what brings richness. More people to depend on, to have give you advice, just enjoy life with. I will most likely never use any form of birth control (for my own personal reasons, one being that the hormonal kind relly screws up my body) and keep having...
I did manual during some intense braxton hicks and it caused me to have horrible back spasms. I think it wud have been different during labor.
I love vitex, it is what helped me concieve on my first month using it after ttc for 22 months. Now my DD is 9 months and i have been on it for 5 wks with no sign of anything happening. My period has not returned.(I did have some very lighttt spotting) My breastmilk supply has gone up and i am curious- if my supply has increased would this somehow decrease my fertility further? I guess I am wondering because in my head im thinking more milk= more prolactin=less fertility.
Thank you!! Anyone else?
So this is probably the wrong place to post this but I figured some of you mama's who have Allowed your child to self-wean will have had more experience with breast feeding and pregnancy. Have any of you been pregnant while bfing and not have a lot of discharge?? In my last pregnancy I had tons but none right now. (to be fair, I am not ACTUALLY preggers but allowing it to all go to my head in hopes. I know this probably is just pointing to my lack of fertility but I did...
Thanks for everyones help! Sorry for late reply, but in tinyyyy letter the cap stated 'non-homogenized, cream on top'. I have learned to look closer next time !!!
So i bought some organic grass fed cows milk from whole foods store and even though what I realllly want is raw milk, the nearest place to get it is 45 min away. When i got home and poured some milk, there were a lot of chunks that fell into the cup. The milk still smells really good, and i think maybe it was the fat or cream or something had just risen to the top? I know this happens with raw milk (i think) but since this is pasteurized i just am not sure. Would you...
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