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Thank you everyone!! My mil was the one who bought it for her not me. I told her no without giving a reason... I am doing baby-led solids and they just cannot comprehend this. I used those words exactly 1love4ever!! Sugar can be organic but i am not giving it to her. Anyway thanks for everyone's imput and I am glad I followed my heart.
Would you met your 8 month old eat organic puffs (finger food for babies)? She pretty much just taste and plays, doesnt really eat. Only booby juice!! I don't want any fame crap going into her but cant really tell by the ingredients what is good and what isn't since its all supposedly 'USDA organic' approved. This is what i am talking about: [=http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B001NXM3GM][/]
I love midwives, but I didn't need one so i had a UC. Everything went perfectly, thanks be to god. I would definetly UC again if I felt everything was progressing normally and I was healthy still.
Just flew out of state and back this past week. While I personally did not bring a breast pump, i know it is allowed. Also, sometimes they allowed families with small children on early and sometimes they did not.
I just kept my legs together and things healed fine. I was only in need of one stitch anyway. Keep your legs together and dont walk around if you can help it. One of the things i have hear recommended the most is raw seaweed (google ot ). I did not do any 'prepping' such as massage and eveything was fine.
I told another mama on here my thoughts on UC. Its something very personal, and something you really will need to research. Reading a lot and a lot of positive UC birth stories is good to keep yourself positive. Learn the risks, but don't DWELL on it so you are so scare it will effect your birth. I wanted to have a UC- but it almost seemed crazy. I finally had to just ADMIT to myself that yes, UC was what my heart told me to do!! And that mama I told admitted to herself...
Aw good luck Mama!! I dont know your story but understand how you feel about breastfeeding. You are no less a mother though! You are in fact one of the best for trying so hard!! Just remember to take it one day at a time. Tomorrow will be better. And soo many woman have gone through what you are, so you and your LO can do this! Patience, perseverance, and love. And try to get some 'you time'. I know thats not easy, but it can mean a nice long bath with some scented oils!!
Never been on a schedule here for my 7 1/2 month old!! How is a schedule even possible?? I cant even tell when/if she cluster feeds!! I did count one day just to see and it was a lot less than I thought it would be. My guess was 12 but in reality it was about half that (not including night feedings). I love being schedule free!!
Thank you so much everyone!! I have total confidence that math will no longer be a stumbling block!! I will also do my best to stay positive so that my children do not hate math. That was a great point to have made me think anout. Again thank you
Are any of you mamas not so good at certain subjects such as science or English etc? How did you get past this and home school your children on that same subject? I am pretty bad at math. I am not home schooling yet but will be, one day hopefully. How would i go about teaching my own children math when I myself am horrible at it??
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