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I had intense contractions startin at about thirty two weeks and i knew that it was not preterm labor, though if i was not havin an unassisted pregnancy/birth i would have been told it was. This is not to say you weren't in preterm labor, just that its possible your body is just working things out and also that i gave birth the day before my due date. Oh and i also lost bits of my mucus plug continually starting ar thirty weeks. Hopefully everything goes well for you!!!
Congratulations!!! You followed your intincts perfectly and your husband was great! I am also glad that the medics didnt ruin anything but were just helping. Glad another story on safe breech birth is out on the net, there can never be too many!!
So from my understanding microfleece wicks and other fleece repel water- but does anyone know WHY if they are all polyester? I dont understand. I have been using blizzard fleece as a liner to prevent diaper rash and while is does work a bit, without compression the water never soaks through and also it still seems a bit damp. I read that with microfleece, the pee should not bead up but soak (wick through) and you can test it by dropping a bit of water on it. Does anyone...
Hi! My DD is six and a half months old. I exclusively breastfeed and have not had a period yet. I do check my cervix every couple of days. My cervix was open a couple of days ago and is now closed. I am pretty sure i did not ovulate. Cervical mucus has just returned the past two months, but still no 'fertile' mucus as far as i can tell. If i am not ovulating why would my cervix be changing like this? Any ideas? Thanks!!
Eat lots and lots of garlIc!! Garlic truly helps. I drink the cloves (after taking off the papery skin) like a pill.
Walaikum asalaam
I kept my DD out of her diaper and all night, just layed her on a blanket with a diaper under her. By morning she was mostly healed. From then on I have kept her without her diaper cover on at night, and added some extra layers ( microfiber and fleece against her skin) at night. She is rash free!!
Hey im a 20 year old muslimah with a six month old! Welcome !!!
They say jaundice is thicker and helps clear out the bilirubin (?) faster. My DD had jaundice at birth. She was full term and level ag 15 or 16. I had a midwife who checked her out and said that because of her (full term) gestation, her level could be 21 and would still be ok. The pedi's of course were threatening to send her to the hosptal as they "dont do the blankets". I knew that would only make things worse. My daughter was waking up, eating fine, going to the...
Joined the group just to say CONGRATULATIONS! Great labor/birth story and he is such a cutie! I hope I have a ginger one day (it runs in the family so who knows :)
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