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Have you considered vitex?? It worked for me the first month- i am a HugE advocate!!
Yes i have read/heard of women who have done this. Eating a chunk and then puttig a chunk right against your cheek on the inside. Also there are herbs i stocked up that would help with it, should that problem arise. One of the women in the UC forum said the placenta being eaten can stop the hemoraghing in fibe minutes or less.
Baby could also need to burp (or poop)! If my baby didn't need to burp but was arching her back I would hold her over a bowl and low and  behold- she would poop right into it. Hope things get better, don't stress yourself (easier said than done, I know).
Hi! Just wanted to say that I had my planned UC back in october (2011). It was fantastic! At first when I read of UC I thought it was crazy yet admired it. I didnt want to admit to myself that I wanted to until i could no longer stay in denial, it was the only way I envisioned my daughters birth. I researched a LOT, read tons of stories and articles, read books on midwifery... And read through the entire forum on unassisted childbirth here on mothering. Learning from...
We are in the same boat here! I am also using a fleece liner, and added microfiber (under the fleece). It has helped the absorbancy at night time. DD doesnt seem to be bothered by the radh, but that is not goin to make me ignore the problem. If i ignore it then the rash will just become worse and probably cause pain. I have not ruled out yeast infection entirely (what does one look like on a baby??) but there is no discharge and things clear up a lot when not in a diaper....
Recently my baby girl has had a mild diaper rash that wont go away. I tried airing her out, sunning, butt paste and lanolin. The rash cut back a lot but as soon as i put her ( PUL) cover back on the rash became worse. I read so many women do not change diapers at night... Am i suppose not also?? am i never again able to put her diaper cover on her? also any natural remedies would be very helpful!!! Thanks!!!
There is one I know of called easy envelope budget.
The dollar store has Shower curtains or table cloths to keep things clean, along with a spray bottle you can use to spray herbal infusions on after you give birth. They also sell things such as epsom salt, hydrogen peroxide. You can use a shoe string or rubber band to tie off the embilical cord (if your midwife wants yout to buy your own). The fishy pools have been used by many, if you look on amazon the reviews are by homebirthers. Not sure exactly what you ae buying but...
Rape scenes, like from the girl with the DT or last house on the left really really disturb me. And the sad part is when i tried having a conversation with others about how disturbing it was they just had a blank look on their faces, like they couldn figure out what I meant. There is a huge difference between a woman being raped (which i still hate) or alluding to it compared to a man jumping on her and assaulting hard core. And you, the viewer, are meant to watch and...
I am so frustrated. I just bought some gauze fabric from Joann's. I have been trying over and over again to keep it tight enough when i wrap the ruck sack (or any back carry really) but it always seems my six month old is leaning back!! And also seems like it is too tight around legs when i do the final 'over and under'. She doesn complain but there are red marks after. Any tips or suggestion?? Thank you!!!!
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