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Congratulations!! What a wonderfuk birth i am sure she is absolutley beautiful and happy after coming into this world to a loving family.!
I just have to say women all over the world give birth to twins vaginally and med-free. I am sure you could tell up above there are some definete TROLLS trying to scare you. Do NOT let fear be your deciding factor, rather think as rationally as possible. I hope everything works out, no matter what you choose!!
Thanks for all the congratulations! For some reason i was not notified about the comments.    To reply to some of you, the in laws never found out it was unassisted. They adoreee their granddaughter so much and even brag i had a home birth (of course lol) and take her to the room she was birthed in to show her.      In my case i do think the pain was due to incorrect latching, which we both managed to figure out without the help of any LC's but i encourage...
Hello and welcome :) I love to hear when anyone has decided on birthing unassisted. Just know that you CAN do it! Post your birth story when that day comes !!
HA! Funny this is posted now...when I am having some alone time while my newborn is sleeping. And I am exhausted but just need to have my brain relax first!
I have been stalking this forum for MONTHS!! Since I got pregnant back in January of this year (2011). I've just been to shy to say anything publicly. I literally read through every since page here. You women are SO AMAZING!  You all have taught me so many things that I am grateful for. The strength of your stories and information had me completely unafraid in labor, and gave me the perfect birth I hoped for.   Back story: I will be 20 in 2 months. My husband is 22....
WEST PALM BEACH FLORIDA (PALM BEACH COUNTY)   Call the vital statistics office and ask to talk to Melissa. Don't be afraid to explain your situation, they were ALL very nice and respectful.   1)They will mail you a packet of papers or pick them up yourself. It will just contain the state statutes on unassisted birth certificates, and two separate papers for two people to say they witnessed you being pregnant. I was told that it had to be notarized but once...
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