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To me taking a freeborn baby to hospital would only be if they needed medical assistance and a healthy baby doesn'ty need medical assistance after birth.   The day after my daughter was freeborn I had an independent midwife come to visit and check bub and myself.  She was with me for an hour and only charged me for that which was $70.
Congratulations on your pregnancy.  It sounds like you are a perfect candidate for a freebirth.   Small tears will heal naturally.  Even larger tears can usually heal on their own and healing can be facilitated by hypericum tincture, or raw manuka honey and things like salt baths can help keep the area clean and taking Vit C will also facilitate healing.  It's always best to leave a tear to heal naturally if possible.   If you tear badly enough that you need...
The attention the placenta needs is minimal.  After the initial washing we found it was a quick and easy process to repack the salt and rewrap the placenta each day.  This can be done by the mother but if she is unable to or if she prefers another birth support person such as the father or a doula might take on this role.  My almost 10yo son was the one who cared for his baby sister's placenta and it took him 5 minutes a day and I think it helped him feel...
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