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I'm hoping to go the entire pregnancy without an ultrasound, unless one becomes clinically necessary. I went my first pregnancy without one. I also limit the use of Doppler to the 12 week appointment and intermittent use during labor. In between, I request the use of a fetoscope.
I saw that one a few weeks ago. It is so amazingly beautiful what our bodies are doing right now!
We have all the necessary gear from DS including lots of gn clothing for the beginning. This time around I'll be splurging on a few things for me: 2 pairs of Lanacare wool breast pads A couple nice nursing bras A woven wrap Plus I'll knit up the baby a few soakers, longies, cocoons and a sweater or two.
I have a dozen red edge (medium) Workhorse diapers that DS has worn for over a year now. I really like them... Nothing fancy but a great value for the money. I'm still debating whether or not I'm going to do some fitteds for the nb stage. They just grow out of them so stinkin' fast that IDK if I can justify the price. I mean, I do like to think that I am saving some money using cloth... Lol!
Super cute! I love the Utah comment! Lol! We're planning on telling our extended family with a photo too. I'll post it after we have it taken.
We had a homebirth for our first and plan to have one for this babe as well. I loved being at home in my own space while I was laboring. And then getting tucked into my own bed with my family after the babe arrived. Sweetness!
Thanks! I have a few other things I need from MRH anyway!
Sounds fun! I have a really cool bead shop in town to browse around too!
Hi all!. I've been lurking here for a few weeks (I was lucky enough to get a really early bfp!). I'm finally ready to join in the discussion! Due date: early/mid July. I know the exact date based on my ovulation but since I believe the due date is more accurately a "window", we don't share that info with anyone other than our midwife. Children: We have a sweet little 16 month old boy. Birth plan: a homebirth with our awesome midwife. Our son was peacefully born in a...
Lactomom, where do you order your herbs from? I'm really interested in trying rrl tea/infusion this preg. I'm going to talk to my mw at my first appointment.
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