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I just bought clomid at target yesterday. $18 without insurance picking up any of it.
Pitch- congrats! I was beginning to think it was a myth that those things ever had 2 lines!
    Three times in the last 4 days sounds pretty good to me!  Those swimmers can live up to 5 days.  Sounds like you have plenty.   Hi everyone, I'm Liz.  I have occasionally peeked in here, but haven't initiated myself into the group.  I am currently in the 2ww.  I am 36, short cycles 21-24 days, and married for almost 3 years.  We've been trying for 7 cycles now.  I went and visited an ob/gyn who deals with fertility issues on Wednesday.  I'm supposed to start a...
Newtottc- BD and posting at the same time? Now THAT'S talent! I am impressed!
Lilac- I was just teasing So I had my visit on Wednesday. My doc says that my cycle is too short. (big shocker? no). He also says that I have been checking too many things (he said this with a laugh). I was surprised that he didn't want to see any of my temp charts. He did the MOST THOROUGH pelvic exam I have ever had (or given). Wow. He said that he thinks I should do a clomid challenge, so we'll see how that goes. I am nervous that it's going to come back ...
Lilac, I wouldn't tell them what you did with that microscope when you give it back, LOL! I keep my charts on my iPad. I should really put them on ff so I can share. I o'd on day 18 this month, after a 21 day cycle last month. Maybe it's the b-6? Taking a trip to the ob/gyn on Wednesday. I'm a little nervous!
Hi everyone, So sorry for not posting more. I've been trying to not OBSESS, but *sigh*, it's hard. I have hit the 6 month mark and have made an appointment with an ob. We'll see. Lilac, sorry to hear about your troubles, hopefully it is something easily correctable! Super short (21 day) cycle this month. I tried B vitamins, but it is even shorter than usual! Go figure Anyway,wishing all if you the best!
NewtoTTC- your charts sound just like mine.  Same short Luteal phase, same low temps.  I'm glad your US looked good.    Can someone tell me what MDC is please?
*sigh* big fat AF day 1 today.  I was cranky with my husband (not blaming him, just cranky in general.  Disappointed I think)   There are babies all around me, and I'm happy but jealous for my friends.  I have one friend who conceived twins while on birth control pills.  It makes me laugh all of those years that I worried about getting pregnant unintentionally.   I am almost to the 6 month point, so I'm considering pushing to see a specialist.  I'm not certain my...
Maybe it's just a weird temp month?  I am definitely having odd temps.  97.5 every day.  I'm usually 97.2 early, and 98.3 late.  no shift, no nothing.  Also some breast tenderness... Tuesday will be 5 days before expected AF, so maybe some lucky news.... guessing not without any shift at all in temp.  *sigh*   Weirdness.
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