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Anyone also experiencing pelvic pain? Am 36 weeks and am having pelvic pain, feels like i've been riding a horse or bicycle for too long.
Lol, I don't even remember the last time i wore my wedding ring. Must have been around week 16/18 and I'm now on week 36. My fingers just puffed up and its so hot where I am so..
Hey ladies, just wanted to know if you have heard of any ridiculous new born myths... just want us to share a good laugh. I heard that if you eat lots of eggs during pregnancy your baby will come out with no hair.
We have decided on Jonathan (expecting a little boy) but keeping Juanita in case its a girl... had a friend who had been told she was having a girl, turned out to be a boy!!
Hi ladies, anyone also experiencing pain under the feet especially in the morning? Its just pain, no swelling. If so, please help with info on how i can find some relief. 
OB didn't give me percentile, will surely ask him at my next visit.
Thanks ladies, been wondering about it. Can't quite reach down there anymore you know.
Does perinneal massage really help prevent tearing during birth?
Hi, yes that's 4.4lbs at 30 weeks!! OB just said the baby was big, everything is fine. Measured via ultrasound.
Hi ladies, at 30 weeks, how much does your baby weigh now? Mine is now 2kg, isn't that too big?? How much will he weight at birth at this rate?
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