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The problem is, the earlier the procedure is done, the better the nerve reassignment will be. As an adult is too late. Having such a conversation with a an 8 year old is just too much of a choice for them to be saddled with. She won't understand.   Being prettier is not the same as having access to a basic component of sexuality.   So again, your answer is that I should do nothing? Not doing everything possible to give my children the best life I can imagine is...
I am not asking about "routine" circumcision, but about circumcision or alternatives for a specific problem.   Male and female circumcision are completely different and routine vs surgery-with-a-purpose are completely different.   Basically the advice here is "Too bad for your dd, do nothing?"
I did not ask about boys. I asked how I could make her life and enjoyment of sex be better. You just say "no" is not helpful.
This is really embarassing, but I cannot orgasm. I've tried everything and then some, my poor dh has tried everything and then some. I've spoken with my mother and aunts, it is an uncomfortable topic, but they all have the same problem, though I wonder if their age and environments they group up in gave them less opportunity to try and solve the problem.   I recently took a human sexuality class and the teacher said that sexual dysfunction in women is quite common...
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