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Quote: Originally Posted by Jokerama If you want that sort of shoe, I much prefer Mephisto to Birk. yep. me too. I've been wearing Mephistos since '98. very comfy
I am so very sorry she's gone
flickr.com = best
yikes!! that kinda camera work gives me a migraine. I guess I won't be seeing it
Quote: Originally Posted by sophiekat i'm sorry : i hope karma has fun with him : yes. I hope so too
I would love a reading!! TIA
Quote: Originally Posted by ColoradoMama Nope. Not unless it was an all out emergency. yep. pretty much that.
there not toddlers anymore. but, both my kids started being big fans of Queen when they were around 1 or 2 my ds (4 yrs.) also loves the Beastie Boys he also loves a local guy named David Chicken
I was raised by a middle class single mom that introduced me to all things cultured at a very early age. I love classical music, fine art (I worked at the Dallas Museum of Art for a while), good literature and quality things in general. I am a snob : but, does appreciating these things make me a snob? hmm, tough one...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fujiko My list would include Steve Gonsalves from Ghost Hunters totally!!! he's HOT!!! but, he's not "odd" I absolutely adore Simon Pegg. I would jump him if he came to my door!!
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