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My sweet, joyful baby girl, Adeline Kathryn. She will be one October 10th! I was so overdue but waited patiently and had her safely at home She's starting to walk behind her push toy and can say mama and dada. She's such a happy baby and completely opposite of her dramatic 2 yo brother. I can't squeeze her enough!
Congratulations everyone! I am Ronda and am expecting #2 Sept 23!
I love cosleeping for many reasons but the main ones right now is that, as a single mother, my son keeps me from being lonely at night and he is a little heater in the frigid Ohio winter!
My first carrier was a Moby and my son will be one next week and we still love it. But! Dad wanted something a little more simple, so we were between the boba and ergo. We opted for the boba because it has a hood to shield from weather, it had a higher back and had stirrups for baby's feet..at least once his legs were long enough to reach. I love my boba. I use it often to carry my son on my back while I do chores. I also use it to put him to sleep. I bought mine on...
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