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Out of curiosity, what sends you from nyc to gazelle ca?
Oh! So... Are you expecting your first??:)
Hi katelynrose, we aren't there yet either, congratulations on your move! We're still rolling ideas around. The radiation from fukushima bothers me, however, we love the west coast, the mindset, so..... What's a family to do? Nuclear is everywhere, go where you want to be and take precautions I suppose!  best of luck with everything, let's check in here!
We bought a large round kiddie pool. Inflatable sides and bottom, I've used it for both my UCs, very comfortable and roomy for changing positions, leaning on the sides, etc. I wouldn't want the wall next to most tubs to crowd me. My first we put the tub in our bedroom and siphoned the water out into the rose garden. My second, we put the tub in the living room, we were in a different house and I wanted my daughter to be able to go to sleep in the bedroom if baby came at...
Oh yeah, the milking share sounds really neat too! I'm curious of the results in mt Shasta also , hope they get that soon.
Love the wild foods part, also pastured meat, pretty important as we wont be keeping large animals, at least not right off.I read the article you posted, also checked out the link at the bottom, Jefferson republic, very cool. I read, probably a yr ago now, in a national geographic mag from the early 2000s, about this same thing, protecting natural resources. Definitely a just cause, I really like what I saw . About education, we plan to homeschool, we've actually started...
Thanks for replying. We are looking for some land, that's why I'm asking about Klamath Falls, as long as there is reasonable access to the crunchy stuff, I'm good. Looks like there are some organic farms in the area, true? Between Ashland and Medford?? also, how are you doing with the fukushima problem? Thanks!
Fantastic! So happy you did finally see this! All that sounds good to me. Not big Wal-Mart ppl but the health food store is a plus. Are there any organic livestock or food farms? Anything of that mind? How about the business of secession? I read that siskiyou and modoc counties wanted to secede because they want to bring in businesses that are regulated in CA. That sounds, to me, like environmentally questionable stuff. Have any insight on that? Also, how are you all...
Guess no ones out there, thanks anyway
So I was told Ashland is actually the crunchier town,hoping you will see this traciinoregon, what's it like there?:)
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