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OMG, you guys! I haven't posted here in forever, and then it was on the CD board, and I jumped on here a few days ago to see if there were others, like me, who have serious supply issues. Now I so totally DON'T feel alone and I know that all of us are trying so hard. We are Super Moms and we should feel good about all that we are doing for our beautiful babes. But reading this post made me laugh, and cry, with all of you.
Oh!!! Look at the Baby Bloomrs Auctions. If I had a girl, I'd be all over that pink camo set. I really like the cowboy, the monkey, and the fish set. Oh, to have all three. . .I'd be in heaven. She is so talented. WOW!
Oh, mama, I have been MIA for awhile and must've missed your first post. I am assuming you are passing kidney stones, as did I while pregnant. By the time I had passed 6 stones, been admitted to the hospital 4 times, and had an infection, my son was finally born. I am also assuming you had the lithotripsy from the stint you are talking about, exscuse me if I am totally wrong here. I so feel your pain. mama!! If you feel like talking, please pm me as I so feel where...
Hmmm, is that for real? Crazy, but I guess he is of age now.
I'll take those off your hands for ya! I lurve Girl Scout Cookies.
Wahhh-hoooooo! YAY! Congrats!
That stinks! I am sorry! I would definitely contact ebay to let them have your side of it. I left negative feedback one time after I never received the record I paid for (I tried contacting him several times) and the seller left me retaliatory feedback and sent me threatening emails. Ebay wouldn't do a thing about it, but I did contact them to let them know what was up and I got my money back and everything. Two months later he left even more negative feedback because I...
Awww, that is so cute!
Quote: Originally Posted by Cutie Patootie We drink distilled water at home, and bottled when we are out. I had kidney stones after ds was born and was told that distilled is the best water to drink because it is absolutely empty and void of everything. Just a word of caution...go easy on the "tums and rolaids with calcium". Oh, mama, I HEAR YOU! I have passed 27 and had surgery for them once (never again, surgery is wayyyyy worse), 6 of...
Niice. I always like to read blogs. Here's mine, but I am getting another one soon because I find that this one is somewhat limiting and I constantly am getting an error message. I can repost when that one is all set-up. ETA: Yeah, I am part of the MDC Blogring.
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