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You want to know about irish twins? My oldest is only 15 months older than my second, now these youngsters will be 18 months apart! :
Oh my, I had that REALLY bad with last ds. I carried him low and had a lot of pain down there. Sex was a no-no for the last part of my pregnancy. Try using a pillow between your knees. I bought one of those body pillows to help out.
Quote: Originally Posted by TXmidwife My oldest daughter is 5, then 3, then 19 months and I'm due in March with the next one. They are 20 months apart, 21 months, and then my last two will be about 23 months apart. ALL PLANNED THAT WAY AND ON PURPOSE! Do people think I'm crazy? Yes. Do I care? No. I'm also a vegetarian, homebirthing, breastfeeding midwife, so here in Amarillo, TX, I was already a freak. I really think that people look at our family and...
My boys are currently 15 months apart and now, I'm due in July, making the two youngest about 18 months apart. Surprisingly, it's been my mom so against it, but that's because my last pregnancy was so scary. I just shrug my shoulders and tell her I'm not afraid and I *want* them this way.
Hi everyone! Just found out tonight that what I thought was a prolonged version of the stomach flu is morning sickness! I must admit, I'm a little scared going into it-my last preg. was a rocky ride and he's only 8 months old. But, I'm determined to keep a positive attitude this time! We are thinking we're due around the beginning of July. Now, to battle this morning sickness!
It's funny because my second is just like that! He doesn't suck his thumb, it's his middle and ring finger he sucks. But, he's slept really good since he was born and has slept through the night since he was about 4 months old! I totally respond to all his needs, but he just isn't as needy.
I was always surprised when I actually saw a vag. birth on those shows, it seemed like all the mamas had a c/section. decels can be normal, it's when they get really low (I can't remember right now, been a long time since I nursed) that they get worried.
Yes, I used GSE (about 5-10 drops) and TTO (about 3 drops) in my wipes solution when I was making my own and though we still got some rashes, they would never turn yeasty. For my boys, I guess they would get an initial rash and then it would turn yeasty. Does that make sense? Anyway, I'm trying baby bits right now because they are a little more convenient for us right now, but that combo above really helped.
I think you've taken a very important first step in getting a doula, they can be the ones that speak up for you during the difficult parts of labor, when you're more likely to "give in" or whatever else. They can make wonderful advocates for you. Tell your practioner OFTEN that you want as natural a birth as possible, with as little intervention as possible and be very clear with the hospital staff. The more you tell the nurses and so on, the more they will understand...
Quote: Originally Posted by loving-my-babies Is it liquidy? Do you think I could get it in a spray bottle? The little squares dissolve and I use them in the spray bottle. Very convenient, I like the smell and my boys haven't had any sensitivity problems with them yet!
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