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2 plastic inserts (that came as a set with 2 plastic tubs I purchased, but the inserts are useless to me) 1 glass dessert cup 1 small snow globe 1 serving platter set 4 pens/broken pencils 4 more pantry items - the last of my pantry declutter   519 / 2014   I'm starting to get ruthless now and it's immensely freeing. Nothing is exempt from the decluttering bug.. well, almost nothing. :)
 Oh FFS.  I'm glad it's finally over. 
1 outdated vaporub 4 more pantry items that have just been sitting there for too long (stale) 1 random kitchen find   I spent yesterday and today doing a deep clean of the kitchen. Everything is being re-washed, cupboards are being scrubbed/cleaned inside and out and items are being reshuffled to more appropriate spots. I'm no where near being done. I'm really methodical and pedantic when it comes to cleaning so it's taking sooooo long. I'll probably end up finishing...
From the kitchen: 2 plastic lids 1 comb 1 chocolate mold   500  / 2014
Finally ventured into the bathroom... 9 random items    496 / 2014
Ugh! I hate whiny buyers. Hope she comes to her senses soon. It's true that stuff does steal your energy - Totally not worth it!   Stillme, I've been reducing our possessions for years now too, but there is always more room for improvement I say! :) Welcome! Your progress in your sig is fantastic. :)   It's such a lovely sunny day today and I'm in the mood for a decluttering session.    2 used chapsticks, not likely to ever be used again as the kids hated the way it...
This is my last update for today - promise! 20 more items cleared from the bathroom. I have spied a few more that can go, but that's a job for tomorrow.   471 / 2014
I'm happy to say that I'm going to add more items from my decluttering rampage that just took place in the garage.   1 pair of shoes.. saw them outside and remembered how much I hated wearing them.. trashed as they were really worn 1 small piece of furniture.. I haven't used it in over 6 months and have no need for it.. donation Christmas lights that were busted.. going to recycling 3 cushions.. going to animal shelter   451 / 2014
23 random small toys from backyard 4 large items from backyard 2 yukky pantry items   445 / 2014   I didn't get a chance to go through the clothes since Friday, but I'm hoping to attend to it tomorrow. 
I think having a number to get rid of worked well in terms of motivation. I first walked in the room looking at everything and thinking it can all stay because it's all "useful".. I basically got nowhere for 15 minutes.. so I left the room and told myself that 20 items had to go, whether they could stay or not! I owed it to myself to follow through (which I'm pretty shit at). So I managed to weed some stuff out from the piles. I have 21 less items in that room now!...
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