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So as the title reads, 2 of my 4 children do not get along. When I say do not get along, I don't mean that they bicker every now and then - I mean that one child really does not want *ANYTHING* to do with the other child.   Miss 8 and Miss 6 have always gotten along. They were BFF/together with no one else for 2 years before Miss 4 came along. Miss 4 was like a third wheel when we bought her home. Miss 6 was not ill towards Miss 4 at all when she was a baby. In...
I've been working hard at decluttering and packing up as much as possible in preparation for painting. When there is less to move/work around, it's far easier to paint.   I've been shredding and I've rid of 400+ documents.. and I'm not done yet! I have another box of papers to sort through and file. The shredded paper is going to our local animal shelter and I'm going to count each 4 papers as one item.   I've also put away 24 books for donation, 1 old electrical...
  We're not super fun lol :) I pack every last cent into our current savings. We are barely doing anything but the absolute essentials (like eating homemade food and uhh, living in our house - I haven't used my car in over a month) and it's still difficult to build some decent savings without waiting for months on end. Then come the spending of those savings on basic things we need to make the house more livable.   Seriously though, good on you mama!!! 22k is brilliant
I know, right! I'm trying to build some "savings" which will eventually be used up come the end of this year, because we need some very necessary stuff for the house. I'm still reeling with the stats..   Ooof.
Today I read an article on the average savings of Australian households and the statistics somewhat surprised me... Australia is a very expensive nation - I was genuinely surprised that anyone had *anything* in savings. The average overall was $15,000 per household, but one state had an average of $25,000 per household. Then they split it according to Gen Y, Gen X and baby boomers and Gen X households fared the worst @ $8000 on average. $8000 being "bad" almost wanted me...
  That's beyond messed up. Wow. I'm horrified for that little girl, their foster son who has no choice but to be there and the fact that your boys have spent time there.     Good point. Personally, I would dob the husband in. This stuff is how life long nightmares begin for some people. I think I'm going to cry! :((((
  You need to ask yourself a few questions:   - How much are the groceries going to take out of that $1400 left over each month? - What about other ongoing expenses like clothing or school supplies? Do you have a dedicated category for these expenses? - Do you have money set aside for any renovations or unexpected issues with the house? - How long are you going to be paying off that $650 per month debt for? Once that is gone, it's $650 freed up for other expenses / savings.
Thanks Nazsmum!
  There is absolutely nothing wrong with being frugal (in general) on a high income. You're just trying to "make it" in this world -- like everyone else. You're not robbing anyone of their right to be frugal, by spending less on what you need. There is more than enough to go around in the thrift stores. In fact, I once read that only 15-20% of what is donated is actually put out on the floors. The rest is exported to international buyers.
Holy crap that's awful Micah_Mae!!!!!!  OMG... Beyond words right now..  
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