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100+ papers shredded One manual Two books One folder One photo frame   Total: 2710   I'm happy to report that my dresser is almost clear (minus a couple books and a handful of documents that are to be attended to/sent off tomorrow. If that sounds like something menial, then perhaps I should disclose that I have not seen the top of that dresser for over 2 years now. It was completely covered in papers, manuals, books and small boxes. 
I've got a few more items leaving! I thought I was done, but I'm starting to get ruthless in the final cleaning session and there are a few more things that can stand to leave.    One book of mine One souvenir One baby book Six erasers More papers shredded   Total 2680
Zebra, you're doing really well.   Well I think I'm done for this year guys! There was stuff I was wanting to sell, but the next two weeks have been planned to a T and it won't involve selling anything of any sort. So that's it -- 2671 for this year, unless we manage to get rid of some more remodeling stuff in the process of finishing up.    Goodluck to everyone in the next 3 weeks. Only 10 days till Christmas. :) 
This year I'm keeping it at $15 per stocking. We don't bring a lot of junk home, so all the sweet/processed stuff are treats for my kids. Letter from Santa A small bag of mixed unshelled nuts (the kids love cracking nuts) A candy cane Packets of hubba bubba Christmas themed socks Christmas themed sticky tape (for crafts) Pack of dry erase crayons Stationery set ($2 sets) Mini cans of baked beans Packet of jelly snakes Fruit cups
221 bags headed towards recycling. I'm counting every 10 bags as 1 item. 1 item given back to it's owner 2 toys given away 2671 / 2013 Hoping to get to 2700 by Sunday. I don't think I'll go beyond 2700-2800 in 2013 as I'm pretty much down to "bare essentials" in almost every category. There is still quite a few papers to shuffle through as well as some small toys, a few pieces of kitchenware and a few clothes that can go, but beyond that I don't think anything else will...
5 of my books   2646 / 2013
1 broken mug 1 broken egg cup 1 absolutely useless knife   2641 / 2013
Oh no! Not Christmas decorations   I can't bear to part with it any of it.. Granted we don't have much to begin with, but if we did, I'd probably still keep it all.    One more toy is leaving..   2638 / 2013   Just in case anyone needs an excuse to sing and dance around the room while they declutter.. :-)  
Hahaha you're probably right     Four more books are leaving One large box has left (not counting it, but happy to mention it) :) One photo frame One broken musical box that's beyond repair   And if I can keep this nausea at bay, I might attack the 3rd last unpacked box in my lounge room. I'm getting so close to the end!! We're a few days off painting and almost everything that we're happily keeping, has been unpacked from the boxes and placed in to the cupboard....
One very thick and unused roll of craft paper that the kids never seemed to use.   2631 / 2013
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