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Hi there, I live here too and am a professional doula. I work in all the local hospitals and with many of the home birth midwives as well. I'd be happy to tell you offline what I observe at births. My email is marissa@bellyfullbirth.com and I'd be more than happy to chat. Congratulations! Marissa
Hi, I'm a doula and mom in Western Mass. Lots of my clients use Northampton Area Pediatrics, or Dr. Kate Atkinson in Amherst. People also love Gina O'Brien in S Deerfield. None of them are particularly holistic, but seem to be willing to accept alternative treatment and parenting styles. Also congrats on the baby, if you're birthing out here and need a practice recommendation I'd be glad to help. Marissa
What area of Vermont?
Hi Nicole,   The only level 3 NICU in Western Mass is at Baystate in Springfield. However, if you are going to attempt a vaginal delivery I would spend some time interviewing practices, meeting some of the local nurse midwives who work at those practices, and really looking closely at the statistics for each practice before making a final decision. I attended vaginal twins at Holyoke a couple of years ago (joint effort between CNMs and OB) and know lots of people who...
Come to a free class on Birth Options in Brattleboro Vermont this Wednesday May 22 at 6:30pm. Learn about informed consent and informed decision making, discover how to ask your care provider simple questions and get information-filled answers. Full details at http://www.bellyfullbirth.com/pregnancy-birth-classes/ - hope to meet you there!
I've heard good things about Dr Dallenbach in Pittsfield, I have recommended him to a few of my clients. His wife is a lactation consultant that you can have access to if you go to that practice.
Our public school gave me a form. No big deal at all.
I am teaching a free class on Birth Options next week in Greenfield MA, March 14 at 6:30pm. Open to all families at any stage of pregnancy. Class is at Franklin Medical in the classroom at the Birthplace on the 3rd floor. Full details at http://www.BellyfullBirth.com/events - hope to meet you there!
There are so many amazing homebirth practices in the Belfast area, if you aren't wanting to birth at home maybe they would tell you which hospital they use for backup. They probably go a little further to arrive at a friendlier hospital, and might have some insights to share.
Sorry I am rarely on here. The program is for anyone who needs it - I encourage you to apply and ask on the form to not put your name on the list serve email if you are concerned about that. But they need your name so they can respond to you. Maybe reply to whomever emailed you back? It sounds like you need and want the support so definitely go for it. As far as volunteering, when you're ready to begin doulaing call or email Green River and they will tell you all about it....
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