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Home is an option in general, but as I said I have never heard of anyone having homebirth covered in MA, though it is in NH and VT. You would need to call your insurance company. There is also a freestanding birth center in NH, as I mentioned on the phone. If you have negative associations with PWH and it's an hr from home, I would say that you should definitely explore CD's midwives and Holyoke. I really like them both, and none of those practices will stand around and...
Hi there, I would be more than happy to talk with you, having attended many births at all three hospitals with their midwives. Feel free to give me a call at 413-522-3949 anytime after tomorrow My name is Marissa.
There is a practice in Easthampton that I know does home visits after homebirths, you might explore that. Or call Holyoke Midwives and ask them for a recommendation.
Check out http://fullmoonmama.com/, she's lovely!
I'm honestly not sure, since I'm not a midwife. Try calling the birth center in Swanzey NH they would know. Good luck!
Hi again, For the volunteer program...this is intended for women who really can't afford to pay anything at all for doula care. Yes you get to choose, we would put out a call for you to our doulas and those who feel able to volunteer would respond and you would get a list of people to call. Everyone's package differs, but two prenatals, the birth, and a postpartum visit is pretty standard. Sometimes the doula gets paid a small stipend with donated funds to cover gas. Many...
I responded to your other post too :) I have volunteered with them in the past, and am on the Board. Again, happy to be helpful to you.   Marissa
Hi There,   I'm a doula here in Western MA and I would be glad to talk to you about the choices of providers here (home, hospital, CNM, OB). I can definitely answer most of the questions you posed if you want to give me a call - 413.522.3949. Or my website is www.BellyfullBirth.com.   Happy to point you in the right direction :)   Marissa
Where are you located?
I take my kids to Greenfield Pediatrics and they have been very flexible with me. I like them a lot, but Greenfield is far if you live in Springfield.
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