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I'm posting this because I thought other moms in this situation would like to know...  I've been stressed over my child drinking milk at night (and not liking water) because all parenting websites say NEVER give your child milk at night.  I went researching milk and tooth decay.  According to this expert in preventative dentistry, milk is a pretty safe drink to start with, but becomes a perfectly safe (and dentally beneficial) drink for them to drink at night if you just...
Somegirl99, love that picture!  You ladies have made me feel like a big wimp about complaining about carrying my 30 pound toddler in a backpack...  LOL
I'd move his bed into my room if I were you (or just put his mattress on the floor next to you) so he can have the security of Mom and Dad. Then he'll probably start putting himself back to sleep.
I think I wouldn't want another thing to wake me up at night, and a cat curling around my legs would. Also, cats can be unsanitary-- I see bits of cat litter and poop in my cat's paws all the time. I wouldn't want him in a baby's bed.
Kids can be so different... my oldest put himself in his own room at 3 and never looked back! Right now, I can't imagine my 7yo ever leaving. LOL
Thanks, IdentityCrisisMama! I tried the stroller for naps, but that failed. He is addicted to the backpack. I'm now trying to wind down in the bed, then walk a little, then sit in a rocking chair with him in the backpack. My back is ok with this, and I do feel I'm making progress. It may have just been a fluke, but we had a really good night last night. So thankful for all of the help!
My 7 yo also sleeps on a twin beside our queen bed. I like the Japanese view that kids can decide when to have their own room. Also, kids' immune systems are boosted when they feel secure, so I feel that anything that boosts security and happiness is also healthy.
Another great idea that I hadn't thought of...  THANK YOU!!  
Thank you!! I like the book idea (the same one would bore him to sleep-- genius!) and the heavy emphasis on snuggling.  I knew I would get some great ideas on here.
Oh, and if you do use a toothpaste, I'd just use a very small amount and put it on the front four teeth only.  Once I was given a strong flluoride toothpaste for my oldest son when he was 3, and it actually left white spots which I believe show that it was TOO MUCH fluoride!
New Posts  All Forums: