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Hugs mama, I have been there and it sucks. Have you heard of Rescue Remedy? I believe it is safe.
I am 14 weeks with my third and had some spotting/bleeding today (not a lot......but I had streaks of red and pink on the toilet paper for about 6 hours -- it has stopped for now, hopefully for good!)  Anyway, I did get in to my OB this afternoon and they did an ultrasound.  Baby is perfect (thank God!), but they couldn't find a reason/cause for the bleeding.  He (sonographer) said my placenta was high (nowhere near my cervix), and he couldn't find any tears or clots....
Too many false positives for my comfort level.  The tests are not diagnostic, so I can see how they can cause a lot of unneeded anxiety.  
metamucil and psyllium husks did nothing for me.  The only thing that works is colace, and the pills are so easy to take.   The only thing that worked for my sister is miralax.  I know that is not the first choice for most providers, but her OB was OK with it.  
Progesterone levels are such a mystery in some ways.   My OB told me that low progesterone is *usually* a problem in very early pregnancy (the low progesterone prevents the egg from implanting), but once a pregnancy is established the numbers can be all over the board. On the other hand, I know some women swear that progesterone is the only way they were able to carry until term.     I personally would not start progesterone at nearly 9 weeks pregnant........your...
I am also noticing that my nausea is worse and worse every day.......I am 9 w today.   I am hoping for it to be at its peak now, but I just don't know.    Had my first appointment this morning and everything looks perfect    Measuring exactly 9 weeks, HB of 183.  I even saw the bean moving around on the u/s screen.........it is all becoming more real!   They determined my due date to be 9/12, which is exactly what I was expecting.  So relieved!
I know every woman is different, but unisom was an absolute lifesaver for me.  I tried reglan, zofran and something else I can't remember.........nothing worked as well as unisom!   If my nausea gets any worse over the next week, I am going to start taking it.   
Honestly, it did NOTHING for me during my first two pregnancies.   I tried B6 alone and it didn't touch my nausea.  I added unisom and was a different person.  I ended up taking unisom on its own to get me through the first trimester (I felt like a zombie from being so tired, but I preferred that over puking and nausea).    With this pregnancy, I do think it is helping.  I take 75 mg daily (hmm, probably closer to 90 because my prenatal has some in it, too).  Anyway,...
You ladies are cracking me up with some of your posts!  I can also relate to so much of what I have been reading.    I haven't posted much lately, but I have been reading every day.    I have just been too lazy and yucky to post.  The fatigue and nausea have been rough on me the last week.  I feel super crappy in the evening, but now I am feeling crappy all day long, too.  Overall I am still much less nauseous than my previous pregnancies, but it still sucks.  I...
WOWZAS!  THat is so exciting!  Congratulations!!!   When and how did you find out there are actually 3 in there?  Your first u/s showed twins, right?  
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