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So sorry about your kitty, Canboo.
G is 10 weeks old today. He is 11lbs. He was 20.5" at the doctor appt. two weeks ago, but I don't believe it b/c he has outgrown all of his clothes length wise and according to them, he gained less than an inch. He was 6lbs 13.5oz at birth and 6 1/2lbs at hospital discharge.
Cool -thanks. G will need a bigger seat soon.
Wow, what a lot of assumptions and generalizations. It seems like we hate people doing that to us, but we're totally okay with doing it to others? My oldest sons nick name has been bud or buddy since he was born. It's definitely not said in a cold way and is totally a term of endearment, just as each of my kids nick names were/are. To the poster that said her childs nick name was chubbers, one of ours used to be, too. It started as bubbles b/c she used to make...
Quote: Originally Posted by evinmom I never accept these applications even from close friends. They are too time consuming to keep up with and I don't want all the extra apps. I am just on FB to keep up with updates and that's it. I agree. I don't do hardly any of the applications. It's a time suck. I'm sorry you had a bad experience with it. I've enjoyed it b/c I've been able to reconnect with childhood friends and also able to keep in...
Hmm...when we had an issue (not nearly as bad as ours, but something faulty came undone and flooded/ruined our basement that needed to be redone), insurance paid us and then they went after the guy that caused it. That obviously wouldn't pay you pain and suffering, though. Not sure if you insurance would do the other or not, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by zinemama I wouldn't go so far as to call you crazy. I've read your posts and you always seem very sensible to me! But no way, no how would I base the decision to have another baby on pleading from one of my children. And if I heard of anyone who said she did have a baby for that reason, I would assume that she already wanted to have another child anyway and the "kid begging for a sibling" thing just made for a good...
I was also curious how those that don't bathe often know that they don't smell. People generally tend to get used to their own smells after a time and may not realize. Just saying. We do daily here. The kids do every other or as needed (i.e at least every other, but possibly more). Newborn is every few days, depending on if he needs more.
Quote: Originally Posted by goodygumdrops I think it's amazing that she has you in her life. Just offer what you can and be firm about boundries. I agree. I bet she will have great memories about this Summer thanks to YOU!
Just wanted to thank you all so much! It went really well. DH brought babe to me half way through my route for me to nurse him. He took 5oz of milk between the time I left and the time DH brought him to me, then I nursed him off and on for 15 m. DH brought hiim home and he slept until I got home! : I was fine milk wise until I saw him and then they filled up like HELLO! BABY! hehe DH said he was fussy and couldn't stay asleep in the morning at all. Every time he'd get...
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