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If by all you mean any! I also feel crappy buuuut I have also been dealing with a lot lately and maybe it will be a good early-labor task. Might need to dictate to someone else so the contractions don't show in my handwriting.
Ninetales, I hope you got your dental woes sorted out. Only a few hours now til you get to meet your little one!    I woke up today thinking I was just feeling more cervical pressure (good!) buuuut once I got to work, I realized it felt a lot more like a UTI (ugh!). So I went in to my OB office to give a urine sample (2 actually - the first was so tiny they could dip it but not send it for culture) and one of the midwives wrote me a script for an antibiotic. I picked...
Congrats! I'm glad you had such a positive birth experience! Also, I'd never heard of sterile water papules for back labor before - really interesting! 
this was 36 weeks:      and a bonus pic from triage yesterday after they took off the contraction monitor: 
Congrats justchanti!
Thanks for the good thoughts, everyone! I'm home, which is more comfortable (not attached to 2 monitors, a pulse-ox, and a BP cuff!). I had some realllly bad pain for awhile and cried for about 10 minutes, which is very unusual for me, so I called my doctors office and asked if I could take percocet (I have some from surgery last year) and they said yes, but in the meantime I peed and I might've passed the stone? My pain is much better since then (w/o percocet). My mom...
It's a kidney stone :( But I feel lots better after taking Tylenol, so I'm going to keep up on that. My contractions are 5 minutes apart but not very strong and only about 30 seconds long, and I didn't dilate anymore, so it could be awhile before real labor starts. I'm home now, about to EAT and then nap/watch the Olympics. 
I'm in triage... woke from a nap around 11pm with lower right back pain that has been pretty constant since. I'm having some contractions about 5-7 minutes apart but I'm only 1cm/20%. They will check again in a couple hours but my guess is these aren't heading toward active labor yet. They're sending my urine for culture as I might have a kidney stone?!?!! Didn't have that one on my list of possible labor difficulties. Fortunately everyone here has been great so far (my...
thinking about you, justchanti! i hope labor goes well and you'll be introducing us to your baby soon! 
I still need to string mine! Otherwise I'll be taking a small container of beads to my birth, which doesn't seem as good for focusing, etc but I could shake it at my partner if he's annoying me.
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