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I think you could just say "labor was really intense and we were both so focused on it that we didn't get to make those calls before birth" or just "we decided to keep it a surprise!"    One thing that friends of mine do is disable their facebook wall (& tagging) so no one else can share the news before they want to.    I tend to use the internet as a distraction when I'm stressed or in pain. Who knows if that will hold true when I'm in labor, but I may end up...
thanks for the nipple advice! i'm starting to put together my breastfeeding supplies to take to the hospital, so i'll take a look at the nipplette since it looks more convenient than hauling out a breastpump (even a manual one) before breastfeeding.    i had my first appointment at my new provider (well, not entirely new as i was a patient there previously) and got my GBS swab done which meant sitting pantsless on the papered table and... when i got up, the paper had...
The only thing I feel in my cervix is tiny punches/head-butting! 
Haha no that makes sense! The loooong belly tightening is usually not something I notice unless I touch my belly. Which I do a lot, of course. More recently I can feel more obvious contractions on their own sometimes, but they don't last nearly as long. 
i seem to be getting plenty of practice contractions lately, but i'm not sure if they're normal or not. basically my belly gets hard and stays that way for what seems like a really long time (like... half an hour sometimes, maybe longer?). it's hard for me to pinpoint when things stop or start so i haven't been keeping track officially. the baby moves around sometimes during, though it's harder to feel it. i've had days when it seems like my belly is hard more than it's...
I'm sorry! I don't have any suggestions, but I know how stressful it can be to look for a birthplace at this point. I hope you get a quiet moment to make some phone calls and that you find a place soon. 
I should be able to use a breast pump to temporarily evert my nipple before feeding. I just wish I could know if it will actually work well enough to get my baby to latch! And I definitely have one nipple that sticks out more than the other. It's good to know that football hold helped, since I may need to do that anyway due to giant boobs. 
LeAnn (or anyone who knows), what about using breast shells or the hoffman technique during pregnancy for flat/inverted nipples? It's not too appealing since my nipples are pretty tender and one of the midwives I saw said not to bother... but if I can make latching easier by doing something NOW, it would be worth it.    (I kind of wish I could... borrow a nursing infant to see how bad my nipples are. Or maybe I should uhhhhh... get my partner to try things out? ) 
Ugh, Andaluza, I would be so angry about that... she should have stopped taking patients and let current patients know much earlier than she did. It's definitely a shock and not what you should have to be thinking about at this point. I know for me it put all my other baby preparations on hold until I got things settled (and I had a couple bad dreams about being turned away from care). I'm glad you get to stick with your original hospital, and I hope you like your new OB! 
I've actually started carrying a copy of my chart with me since my former provider gave it to me. It's in a manila envelope, and since I have a complication that could affect my care in an emergency, I think I'm going to type out a little summary and tape it to the front of the envelope (along with my EDD, emergency contacts, etc). I think it's a great idea and it makes me feel slightly less anxious about scary things like walking up & down the stairs to the subway (both...
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