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Great post! Thankyou for taking the time to compile this!
I had that happen a few years ago, in a different house.   I took everything out and washed it, and wiped down the solid things (likes shoes) with bleach water. I also sprayed the walls with bleach (I know not very crunchy, I was more afraid of mold than bleach). Then we put one of those silica bags in the cupboard and replaced it regularly.
I LOVE repurposing stuff to suit our needs! Will you share pics?
I would check out the rabbit forum on www.homesteadingtoday.com or rabbittalk.com . They are the forums where I got all of my info from. (I was planning on starting a small rabbitry to produce humane, organic meat for my children who eat meat. I had two rabbits. One recently became very ill and I knew he needed to be euthanised, so I thought to myself, "This is a good time to test out whether I actually have the guts to go through with this - long story short, he was PTS...
I checked the news first thing this morning and it said it was down-graded and there were no deaths or injuries. I hope this continues to be the case!
I use them for all our hanging art, paintings and framed pictures. I think they are fantastic.   I did have one failure a few years ago when trying to hang a large framed picture - it fell down after a couple of hours. Looking back, I used the wrong kind of adhesive - I was using a hook when I should have used the strips placed around the frame.   I don't know if I would trust them for your plan, though - what about hanging it from the roof somehow?
I think I'm like you!   The way I figure, my children and I spend a lot of time in the car, between school runs, groceries, their activities, etc. The car I have now is the newest and most expensive car I've ever had, I want to look after it. I wouldn't leave mud and dirt all ground into the living room carpet, I wouldn't sit on a couch covered in food to watch TV and I wouldn't leave fast food wrappers all over the living room floor - so I don't want our in-car time to...
I purchased the 2011 book a few weeks ago. I guess I didn't factor in that I have to actually do the tasks each day to reap the benefits of having a clean house. Apparently having the pdf unopened and ignored in my computer is not enough. LOL
Nachos. Absolutely.
I've been doing a HUGE New Year clean-out, and even though I've only gotten rid of a small fraction of what we own, I am seeing a huge improvement in the look and feel of my house and our day to day lives!   I though it would be nice to start an inspiration thread for all of us on simple living and decluttering journeys.   * I now take quick, purposeful strides as I move about my house. I realised this this afternoon as I was walking form the living room to the...
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