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I have the Kindle app on my iPhone. I've only bought and read one e-book so far, but I liked it and am going to download more. I would probably prefer to read real, paper books, but I don't like waiting for them - the instant access of e-books really appeals to me.
I don't want to give away the details! I'll send her a message to let her know she's been missed.
I just browsing down the main board and saw this. I know A-O-T-E from another board and I hope she won't mind me posting here that she has birthed and is doing well. :)
That situation sounds really scary, I'm glad you were able to get out okay!
I would definitely accept your hot chocolate, and I would let my children, too. I think it is a lovely idea.
We don't have TCS where I live, but we do have an equivalent, "Howard's Storage World". I like to go there and browse, as well as read their catalogue for inspiration, and then go to Target or similar to actually buy what I need for a much better price.
They are gorgeous! I especially like the ducks, they look very sweet.
I was all ready for a tale of chicken intrigue! LOL
This thread inspired me to go and watch a couple of episodes. And like some previous posters, within minutes I was up and cleaning. I actually had to pause at one point to get up and sweep the kitchen floor. I don't take pleasure in the misfortune of the people on the show, but they really do motivate me.
I am relatively new to food storage, so I will be watching this thread with interest! I am getting a lot of great information from www.foodstoragemadeeasy dot net . I am doing their Baby Step Checklist.
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