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Thanks for your reply! My piggie is doing great! I started getting my sons to feed him and offer treats, and slowly graduated to holding him. I think from your post and others that being skittish is normal for GPs because they are prey animals. I didn't know this, I thought he was just really nervous around us. We also got him a friend, which has made a huge difference! We got a young male from a rescue, who is very well socialised with people. I am so happy, and I...
Thanks SM! It is a pretty small parish. I met the Priest at the very first mass I attended. I have already had one interview with the RCIA coordinator and been to a class, and I think the next step is for me to be interviewed by the Priest. I will serve morning tea - they decided that because I homeschool it would be easier for them to come here. My husband and I are separated (for eighteen months) but he is Seventh Day Adventist. However, my father and his...
I have made some inquiries about converting to Catholicism, and tomorrow my parish priest and the RCIA coordinator are coming to my house to interview me! I am so nervous! They are coming at about 11am and said it will take about an hour? Should I serve morning tea? What should I expect?
Looks great! I love family closets, they just make so much sense.
Quote: Originally Posted by vermontmomma oh also if you have no rooster one of the hens will stop laying and act like one. I've never heard this before, and TBH, it sounds like a myth to me. I have three hens who all lay regularly, and no rooster.
Is anyone knowledgeable about GPs? The story is that when I moved into this house just over a year ago, the yard was very overgrown, and there was much debris around - an old bike, broken lawn chairs, and a metal rabbit/GP hutch. Pretty soon, I realised there were two GPs on the loose in the yard. I don't know if they escaped from their previous owners of if they were set loose. In any case, I tried several times to catch them, but was never able to. They are really...
Quote: Originally Posted by completebeginnings My opinion if you found the one leg on the floor you get to get rid of it. If your son cared about the toy he would have picked it up. That is how we do it in our house anyways. Even for a six year old?
I am leaning toward "Hillside Family School" for ours, because, well, we live on a hill and we are a family who does school. Not terribly creative, but I do like how it sounds.
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