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Hi September 2013 mamas!  Congratulations on your new babies!   You may have heard of the Mothering Mavens, which is an official Mothering program where active Mothering members get the chance to try out products from some of our favorite brands and write reviews.  You may have seen the results of previous groups we've done with companies like Ergobaby and Floradix.  We have a few new programs coming up in the new year and we're specifically looking for mamas with babies...
We have a winner!  Thanks to everyone who entered, and congratulations to post #51, @zebra15!!!     Zebra15, look out for a PM from me!  
Thanks so much to everyone who entered!     Our randomly generated winners were post #28, #41 and #21 -  @fayebond, @Thebyr and @thegracefullady  !  Congrats fayebond, Thebyr and thegracefullady!  Look for a PM from me!  
Great!  We have enough moms now - thank you to everyone!
Congratulations to CrunchyMama7, post #305!  You won!  Look for a PM from me!     Thanks to everyone who entered, and a HUGE thanks to Gaia Herbs for sponsoring this wonderful contest!
Wondering "What's Inside?" your child's toothpaste or other body care product?  Ask the expert here!
Whoa, I wasn't expecting to hear that so many people don't soak!  I guess since I've read in the past that people do that, I assumed it was really necessary for some reason.  I'm glad to hear that there are so many different methods and non-methods.  Choose2Reuse, I thought about rinsing them in the shower too - I think I might switch to that!  We don't have in-unit or even in-building machines, so it's down the block and around the corner any time I want to do laundry,...
My younger brother had an IEP from 1st-12th grades due to serious medical issues, and he absolutely received a regular diploma, was accepted to college, etc etc.  I have never heard of an IEP impacting a student getting their diploma from a public school - in fact, that sounds like illegal discrimination to me.  I would check with your school district or a counselor at your child's school, they would probably know.
Hi ladies!  Hope everyone is doing well.  I am feeling some real baby fever these days despite being pretty far off from TTC and need to share with someone who understands!     DP and I traveled to Florida this last week for his grandmother's 80th birthday celebration, and while I've met his grandparents before (and know his parents well), it was my first time EVER meeting a boyfriend's extended family.  It was stressful, but I think it went really well!  One of his...
I'm brand new to cloth pads (as in, literally starting TODAY!) and I'm already loving it.  But I'm just realizing that I do not have a firm plan on how to soak my cloth when I get home tonight.  I have a few thoughts/needs to address:   - I know I need something to soak them in.  I have a large secondhand pot (I think it's enamel) that I'm thinking of using.  Would I need to do anything to it to clean it before using it to soak?  Also, it's BIG - which leads to the...
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