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I didn't even see that, lol. I need a spell check on here.
They said it could be from me getting scarde or whatever.
Well I went to the hospital last night. I haven't opened yet but i was having contractions every now and then. And had high blood pressure. But they sent me home because it went down. So lets hope for the best.
This is my first child. And for the past weeks i have had sharp pelvis pains and the get painful each day. My belly is hard and but the pains come and go, And when my baby moves down there it hurts more. When i went for my appt the other day they said i haven't opened down there yet. I can't sleep because of the pain, but i don't want to to call me dr and nothing be wrong. What should i do. I'll call my mom and tell her but she said its just the baby moveing down there....
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