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Angelorum- Your little guy is adorable and I love the hat.   I am going to count fixing the arm on a doll for my class at school. I also did bakery crafty stuff by making marshmallow turkey cupcakes. I had to make 4 dozen this weekend cause everybody in the neighbourhood ate them.   I found a pattern for pajama pants for my youngest and put it together. Now I have to cut them out and sew- hopefully my sewing machine is functioning. I also want to start knitting a dr...
My inner Martha came out yesterday- I made chocolate chip cookies (which are now gone) and devil's food chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache icing. Everyone loved them. Now I am getting Christmas stuff ready.
I have taken a bit of a hiatus recently due to camping and people visiting. I decided tonight that I am going to try and knit my oldest DS a Dr. Who scarf. He got into the recent Dr. Whos this summer so I think he will like it- my knitting skills are still pretty beginner so we will see what happens.
I finished a bracelet I wanted to make for myself and my niece's headbands. Tomorrow I will try to make a heating pad with rice- we will see how it goes. Our fabric store was having an awesome sale on the weekend- 50-60 per cent off fabrics. I bought fleece to make pajama pants for 6.50/m- it was usually 20/m! I am very excited to get started.
Justmama- I use plain old distilled white vinegar. Good luck!
Justmama- I swear by vinegar on washclothes for sunburns. I use it when I am really burnt and it takes the heat out efficiently so I wasn't uncomfortable and I found that they healed pretty quickly.
I am not sure if I can help but I would double check and see if they would even allow peanut butter- most camps have a no peanut/no nut policy due to allergies.   Things I have given my DS:   homemade mac and cheese in a thermos salad- put the dressing in a separate container to put on the salad at lunch hummus and crackers/veggies to dip (as long as sesame seeds are ok) cheese and crackers yogurt dip and fruit
Has anyone made a Waldorf doll before-specifically the ones which have a round/ballish looking body? (I know what they are and have found them on line but can't remember the name off hand). I want to make one for my niece for Christmas and was wondering if it was easy as it looked. I have found a kit which would have everything I need. 
Thanks Smokering for the suggestions! I found a simple pattern and tutorial online for the pants which I am going to try. I will look for a raglan shirt to make for the top- I wasn't going to make a regular pj top I know my limitations.   I was going to make my niece a headband last night but we had people over instead. My littlest is begging for a blanket also but we have waaaaayyyyy to many that he can still use  him so I don't want to but I feel bad for him cause...
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