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My DH uses rock tape on his foot. He puts it on before exercising and/or wears it to bed every night and it seems to be helping. He gets the tape at The Running Room.
I use oil in my DS's ears. I have used olive oil but am currently using sterile mineral oil. I put in a drop or two and within a couple of days the wax either falls out or I am able to clean it successfully out because it has moved to the front of the ear where a cloth can reach it easily.
I am not a dr but I had pneumonia a couple of years ago. I had it for 6 WEEKS before I went to the dr and I was still not close to dying. My DS had pneumonia at 1 and you could tell the little guy was sick because he had fever, diarrhea, cough (I called an on call dr and was told I could wait until morning to be seen) but the biggest tell tale sign was the lethargy. He just sat in my lap and did nothing. He was not close to dying. Kids illnesses can be funny about...
My youngest DS is in Montesorri and we are only paying for the school year- his summer is off. With my oldest I always just paid for the spot and kept him out. I would put him in periodically when I had appointments and such.
Trying to get out of debt but we are really feeling the pinch now. DH does not have a job yet and things are piling up. I am focussing on the main areas first as per DR since we are in crisis mode. Funnily I am not panicking yet (I would have before). I am realizing how wasteful we were before this financially. It is new for me to not be able to pick up/do little things. My DS's end of year hockey party has been changed to a restaurant and we have been told that what...
I know this is done but I also wanted to add that at my school (I am a teacher) once a child is identified as having Fifth's any pregnant teacher is sent home immediately (whether contagious or not since it is now in the school) so I would definitely let the school know.
My Mayawrap has been a lifesaver. Used it on the plane so I could get sleep on a transatlantic flight. My bike trailer now so that we can get out for bike rides as a family.
You have to be comfortable with allowing this but I had to go away for a few days when my oldest DS was 15 months. He was still nursing frequently during the night and I figured that was going to be traumatic for him. It wasn't. He coslept with my mom and sister since he coslept with me and slept through the night. He knew I was not there to nurse so he just cuddled with the other loving people in his life. So while I think it sounds fun if you are not ready then don't...
We are stuck at BS2 for awhile. DH lost his job and we have no income coming in from him. He is busy looking and applying for every job he can get- something will come up soon. He does not get EI since he worked overseas for a foreign company. My income covers almost all of our expenses so that is good. We paid off my cc before this happened so he can stay afloat for awhile. I just wish we had completed more debt payments. Also we have drastically cut spending which I am...
Have you had a discussion with her about the need to send this stuff in her backpack. What exactly is her objection to the backpack and sippy? Can she offer alternatives which help you and she can live with?
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